MDAs and their Bill Items

The following is the list of MDAs and their Bill Items

Name of MDA
Bill Item
3245/G-Ossg Hiring of Tractor, 5971/Ossg Agricultural/Veterinary Treatment Fee, 5972/Ossg Application Form (Agric, Dev. Corp.), 5973/Ossg Fines & Penalties (Agric. Dev. Corp.), 5974/Ossg Stores/Scraps/Un-Serviceable Items (Agric. Dev. Corp.)), 5975/Ossg Hiring of Plants/Vehicle/Equipment, 5976/Ossg Rent on Govt Properties (Agric. Dev.Corp.), 6008/Ossg Sales of Form (Agric. Dev. Corp.), 6010/Ossg Use of Tractors by Farm Settlers (Agric. Dev. Corp.), 6103/Ossg Loan Processing Fee (Agric. Dev. Corp.), 6104/Ossg Interest on Debenture Loan (Agric. Dev. Corp.)
5977/Ossg Tender Fee (Agric. Dev. Prog.), 5978/Ossg Sales of Improved Seeds/Chemicals, 5979/Ossg Land Rent on Farm Settlement (Agric. Dev. Prog.), 5988/Ossg Audit Fee (Agric. Dev. Prog.), 6079/Ossg Agricultural Product (Agric. Dev. Prog.), 6080/Ossg Hiring of Plant, Vehicle & Equip. (Agric. Dev. prog.) , 6142/Ossg Sales of Forms (Agric. Dev. prog.)
6065/Ossg Sales of Application Form (Agric Land Holding), 6098/Ossg Land Rent on Farm Settlement (Agric. Land Holding & Dev. Auth.), 6426/Ossg Ratification Fee on Existing Agricultural Land (OSALHDA)
1100/Ossg WHT on Rent (Apomu Tax Office), 1673/Ossg - Direct Assessment - Apomu Tax Office, 1685/Ossg - CPDL - Apomu Tax Office, 1686/Ossg - PAYE - Apomu Tax Office, 1856/Ossg WHT on Technical Services (Apomu Tax Office), 1978/Ossg - Stamp Duties Apomu Tax Office, 2030/G-Ossg WHT on Bank Interest - Apomu Tax Office, 5679/Ossg Virtual Betting (APOMU TAX OFFICE), 5745/Ossg WHT on Commission (APOMU TAX OFFICE), 5792/Ossg Direct Assessment - Informal Sector (APOMU TAX OFFICE), 5919/Ossg Land Use Charge (LUC) - Apomu Tax Office, 6049/Ossg WHT on Contract (Apomu Tax Office), 6116/Ossg Tax Audit/Back Duty (Apomu Tax Office)
1705/Ossg - Direct Assessment - Area Office (MDK - IFE) Tax Office, 1706/Ossg - CPDL - Area Office (MDK - IFE) Tax Office, 1707/Ossg - PAYE - Area Office (MDK-IFE) Tax Office, 1998/Ossg - Stamp Duties MDK-IFE (Area Office) Tax Office, 2050/G-Ossg WHT on Bank Interest - MDF-IFE Area Office, 5699/Ossg Virtual Betting (AREA OFFICE (MDK-IFE) TAX OFFICE), 5765/Ossg WHT on Commission (AREA OFFICE (MDK-IFE) TAX OFFICE), 5811/Ossg Direct Assessment - Informal Sector (AREA OFFICE (MDK-IFE) TAX OFFICE), 5939/Ossg Land Use Charge (LUC) - Area Office (MDK-IFE) Tax Office, 6135/Ossg Tax Audit/Back Duty (Area office - MDK IFE Tax Office), 6518/Ossg WHT on Rent (MDK-IFE Area Tax Office)
4439/LG Ossg DEVELOPMENT TAX/LEVY (Atakunmosa East LG), 4440/LG Ossg COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT/POLL TAX (Atakunmosa East LG), 4441/LG Ossg STAMP DUTY (Atakunmosa East LG), 4442/LG Ossg LIVESTOCK TAX (Atakunmosa East LG), 4443/LG Ossg OTHER SERVICES TAX (Atakunmosa East LG), 4444/LG Ossg TENEMENT RATE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4445/LG Ossg HAIRDRESSING/BARBING SALOON/TAILOR (Atakunmosa East LG), 4446/LG Ossg REGISTRATION OF VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4447/LG Ossg REGISTRATION OF CLUB (Atakunmosa East LG), 4448/LG Ossg MOTORCYCLE RIDER ASSOCIATION (Atakunmosa East LG), 4449/LG Ossg CONSTRUCTION OF PETROL FILLING STATION (Atakunmosa East LG), 4450/LG Ossg SOCIAL PARTY FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4451/LG Ossg MUSICAL/BAND PERMIT FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4452/LG Ossg SAWMILL INDUSTRY (Atakunmosa East LG), 4453/LG Ossg BARBING SALOON (Atakunmosa East LG), 4454/LG Ossg GENERAL WHOLESALES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4455/LG Ossg FASHION DESIGNER (Atakunmosa East LG), 4456/LG Ossg AMORITE ALUMMIUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4457/LG Ossg APPLICATION FROM FOR LAYOUT PLOT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4458/LG Ossg FENCE PERMIT PER PLOT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4459/LG Ossg SALES OF FILE JACKETS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4460/LG Ossg ASSESMENT OF BUILDING PLOT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4461/LG Ossg LEASE OF RESIDENTIAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4462/LG Ossg REGISTRATION FORM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4463/LG Ossg LEASE OF COMMERCIAL PLOT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4464/LG Ossg APPROVAL FOR BLOCKING OF ROAD (Atakunmosa East LG), 4465/LG Ossg ENVIROMENTAL DEFAULTERS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4466/LG Ossg FOOD VENDOR (Atakunmosa East LG), 4467/LG Ossg ADVERTISMENT RATE LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4468/LG Ossg APPLICATION FEE/ATTESTATION FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4469/LG Ossg PARKING FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4470/LG Ossg TRADE UNION FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4471/LG Ossg CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION FEES and RENEWAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4472/LG Ossg MARRIAGE/DIVORCE FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4473/LG Ossg ATTESTATION OF BARCHELORHOOD/SPINSTERHOOD FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4474/LG Ossg DISINFECTION OF PRODUCE FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4475/LG Ossg COURT SUMMONS FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4476/LG Ossg TENDER FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4477/LG Ossg BILL BOARD AND OTHER ADVERTISEMENT FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4478/LG Ossg BIRTH AND DEATH REGISTRATION FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4479/LG Ossg BURIAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4480/LG Ossg CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4481/LG Ossg AGRICULTURAL/VETINARY SERVICES FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4482/LG Ossg DEVELOPMENT LEVIES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4483/LG Ossg BUSINESS/TRADE OPERATING FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4484/LG Ossg TAILORING PER INDIVIDUAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4485/LG Ossg MECHANIC PER INDIVIDUAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4486/LG Ossg HAIR DRESSER PER INDIVIDUAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4487/LG Ossg SHOE MAKER PER INDIVIDUAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4488/LG Ossg MEDICINE STORE PER INDIVIDUAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4489/LG Ossg VULCANIZER PER INDIVIDUAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4490/LG Ossg SAWMILLER PER INDIVIDUAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4491/LG Ossg EATING HOUSES FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4492/LG Ossg KIOSK FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4493/LG Ossg BATTERY CHARGER LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4494/LG Ossg LOADING/OFF LOADING FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4495/LG Ossg OFFENSIVE TRADE FIRE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4496/LG Ossg SEWAGE CHARGE FIRE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4497/LG Ossg ROAD CLOSURE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4498/LG Ossg SANITATION FINE/NON COMPLIANCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4499/LG Ossg PENALTIES FOR TAX DEFAULTERS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4500/LG Ossg COURT FINES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4501/LG Ossg DISLODGING OF EFFLUENT/POLUTION FINE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4502/LG Ossg EATING HOUSE FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4503/LG Ossg BUKATERIAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4504/LG Ossg RESTAURANT FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4505/LG Ossg RADIO/TV WORKSHOP (Atakunmosa East LG), 4506/LG Ossg RENTAL SERVICES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4507/LG Ossg INSPECTION FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4508/LG Ossg RIGHT OF OCUPANCY/RENEWAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4577/LG Ossg BUILDING PLAN APPROVAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4578/LG Ossg TITLE TRANSFER FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4579/LG Ossg HOSPITAL SERVICE REGISTRATION FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4580/LG Ossg HOSPITAL SERVICES CHARGES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4581/LG Ossg SPORTS/RECREATIONAL FACILITIES FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4582/LG Ossg INDIGENSHIP REGISTRATION FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4583/LG Ossg WORKSHOP FEES/SHOP RATE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4584/LG Ossg LARGE SHOP PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4585/LG Ossg MEDIUM SHOP PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4586/LG Ossg SMALL SHOP PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4587/LG Ossg KIOSKS PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4588/LG Ossg WARE HOUSE PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4589/LG Ossg DISTRIBUTOR PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4590/LG Ossg MORTUARY PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4591/LG Ossg EXHUMATION PER ANNUM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4592/LG Ossg REGISTRATION OF UNDERTAKER (Atakunmosa East LG), 4593/LG Ossg BURIAL ON LOCAL GOVT. GROUND (Atakunmosa East LG), 4594/LG Ossg DUMPING OF REFUSE ON L/G DUMPING GROUND (Atakunmosa East LG), 4595/LG Ossg OPEN AIR FEES IE OPEN CRUSADER (Atakunmosa East LG), 4596/LG Ossg FINES/PENALTIES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4597/LG Ossg PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF FARM PRODUCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4598/LG Ossg PRODUCE FROM SALES OF GOVT VEHICLES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4599/LG Ossg SALES OF PLAN PHOTOSTAT PRINT/MAP (Atakunmosa East LG), 4600/LG Ossg HIRING SERVICE CHAIRS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4601/LG Ossg GROUND RENT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4602/LG Ossg RESIDENTIAL PER PLOT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4603/LG Ossg COMMERCIAL PER PLOT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4604/LG Ossg CDC FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4605/LG Ossg ANNUAL OPERATIO PERMIT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4606/LG Ossg TIMBER and FOREST FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4607/LG Ossg LEASE RENTAL 45SQUARE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4608/LG Ossg REGISTRATION PLAN APPROVAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4609/LG Ossg COMMERCIAL PLAN APPROVAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4610/LG Ossg INDUSTRIAL PLAN APPROVAL FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4611/LG Ossg REGISTRATION OF FILLING STATION (Atakunmosa East LG), 4612/LG Ossg RENEWAL OF FILLING STATION (Atakunmosa East LG), 4613/LG Ossg APPROVAL OF ERECT GSM MAST (Atakunmosa East LG), 4614/LG Ossg RENEWAL OF GSM MAST (Atakunmosa East LG), 4615/LG Ossg MARKET SQUARTERS FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4616/LG Ossg PETTY TRADE LICENCE FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4617/LG Ossg PROFESSIONAL WEDDING ENGAGEMENT FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4618/LG Ossg CERTIFICATION OF TIME COPIES OF LOST MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4619/LG Ossg RADIO/TELEVISON STATION LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4620/LG Ossg TRADE PERMIT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4621/LG Ossg CART LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4622/LG Ossg DANE GUN LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4623/LG Ossg CATTLE DEALER LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4624/LG Ossg DRIED FISH and MEAT LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4625/LG Ossg PET/DOG LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4626/LG Ossg FISHING PERMITS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4627/LG Ossg HUNTING PERMITS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4628/LG Ossg SCAVENGERS OF IRON/METAL SCRAP (Atakunmosa East LG), 4629/LG Ossg PRODUCE BUYING LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4630/LG Ossg ANIMAL HEALTH CERTIFICATE LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4631/LG Ossg ABBATTOIR/SLAUGHTER LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4632/LG Ossg BOREHOLE DRILLING LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4633/LG Ossg WATER FACTORY (Atakunmosa East LG), 4634/LG Ossg CINEMATOGRAPH LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4635/LG Ossg LIQUOR LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4636/LG Ossg FORESTRY/TIMBER LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4637/LG Ossg LOTTERY PERMIT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4638/LG Ossg NOISE CONTROL PERMIT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4639/LG Ossg INLAND WATERWAY LICENSE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4640/LG Ossg HAIR DRESSING RATE LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4641/LG Ossg INGREDIENT MILL LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4642/LG Ossg GRINDING LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4643/LG Ossg MUSICAL/BAND PERMIT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4644/LG Ossg MOTOR MECHANIC LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4645/LG Ossg BAKE HOUSE LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4646/LG Ossg BICYCLES LICENSE/HIRE PERMIT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4647/LG Ossg BRICKMAKING/DRAUGHTSMAN REG/REN LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4648/LG Ossg HAWKER/HACKNEY PERMITS/EMBLEM/STICKER (Atakunmosa East LG), 4649/LG Ossg COLD ROOM LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4650/LG Ossg BOATS/CANOE LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4651/LG Ossg WELDING MACHINE LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4652/LG Ossg VEHICLE SPARE PARTS LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4653/LG Ossg BUILDING MATERIAL LICENSE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4654/LG Ossg CAR WASH DEPOTS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4655/LG Ossg SURFACE TANK KEROSINE LICENSE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4656/LG Ossg PHOTOSTAT/TYPING INSTITUTE LICENCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4657/LG Ossg SCRAP DEALER LICENCES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4658/LG Ossg PAINTING SPRAYING and SIGN WRITING WORKSHOP (Atakunmosa East LG), 4659/LG Ossg BEER PARLOUR RETAIL/WHOLESALE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4660/LG Ossg PALM WINE SELLERS/TAPPERS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4661/LG Ossg NATIVE LIQUOR (Atakunmosa East LG), 4662/LG Ossg STREET NAMING/RENEWAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4663/LG Ossg EARNINGS FROM LIBRARY SERVICES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4664/LG Ossg EARNINGS FROM LABORATRY SERVICES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4665/LG Ossg EARNING FROM HIRE OF PLANTS and EQUIPMENT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4666/LG Ossg GRADER (Atakunmosa East LG), 4667/LG Ossg VIBRATING ROLLER (Atakunmosa East LG), 4668/LG Ossg TRACTOR (Atakunmosa East LG), 4669/LG Ossg EARNINGS FROM MEDICAL SERVICES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4670/LG Ossg EARNING FROM AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4671/LG Ossg USE OF SCHOOL FIELD FOR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4672/LG Ossg HIRING SERVICETRACTOR/ACRE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4673/LG Ossg EARNING FROM THE USE OF GOVT VEHICLE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4674/LG Ossg EARNING FROM THE USE OF GOVT HALL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4675/LG Ossg EARNING FROM GUEST HOUSE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4676/LG Ossg EARNING FROM ICT SERVICES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4677/LG Ossg EARNINGS FROM COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4678/LG Ossg MAINTENANCE/REPAIR FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4679/LG Ossg SALES OF OTHER GOVERNMENT PROPERTY/LAND (Atakunmosa East LG), 4680/LG Ossg SALES/IMPROVED FEEDS/CHEMICAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4681/LG Ossg MARKET SHED FEES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4682/LG Ossg COCOA FEEDING HAULAGE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4683/LG Ossg OIL PALM FEEDING HAULAGE (Atakunmosa East LG), 4684/LG Ossg FEES FOR APPLICATION FROM PLOTS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4685/LG Ossg SALES OF STORES/SCRAPS UNSERVABLE ITEMS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4686/LG Ossg SALES OF FORMS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4687/LG Ossg PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF GOODS BY PUBLIC AUCTIONS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4688/LG Ossg SALES OF GOVT PANAPHARELIA FLAGS/PORTRAITS/ARTWORKS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4689/LG Ossg SALES OF JOURNALS and PUBLICATIONS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4690/LG Ossg SALES OF BOOKS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4691/LG Ossg SALES OF ID CARDS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4692/LG Ossg SALES OF VACCINES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4693/LG Ossg SALES OF CONSULTANCY REGISTRATION FORMS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4694/LG Ossg SALES OF IMPROVED SEEDS/CHEMICALS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4695/LG Ossg PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF GOVT. VEHICLES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4696/LG Ossg PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF DRUGS AND MEDICATIONS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4697/LG Ossg PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF GOVT. BUILDINGS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4698/LG Ossg SALES OF UNIFORM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4699/LG Ossg SALES OF FLAGS/PORTRAITS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4700/LG Ossg RENT ON BUILDING AT AERODROMES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4701/LG Ossg RENT ON CONFERENCE CENTRES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4702/LG Ossg LOCKUP SHOP (Atakunmosa East LG), 4703/LG Ossg OPEN STALL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4704/LG Ossg RENT ON GOVT PROPERTIES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4705/LG Ossg SHOPPING COMPLEX (Atakunmosa East LG), 4706/LG Ossg RENT ON GOVT QUARTERS (Atakunmosa East LG), 4707/LG Ossg RENT ON INDUSTRIAL ESTATES (Atakunmosa East LG), 4708/LG Ossg RENT ON GOVT LAND (Atakunmosa East LG), 4709/LG Ossg RENT and PREMIUM ON THE ALLOCATION OF LAND/RENEWAL (Atakunmosa East LG), 4710/LG Ossg TRANSFER OF ALLOCATION OF LAND (Atakunmosa East LG), 4711/LG Ossg APPROVAL FOR ERECTION OF GSM MAST (Atakunmosa East LG), 4712/LG Ossg RENEWAL OF GSM TENAMENT (Atakunmosa East LG), 4713/LG Ossg APPLICATION/ATTESTATION FEES SIGN OF FORM (Atakunmosa East LG), 4714/LG Ossg RENT OF PLOTS AND SITE SERVICE PROGRAMS (Atakunmosa East LG)
1086/Ossg WHT on Technical Services (Awo Tax Office), 1614/Ossg - Direct Assessment - Awo Tax Office, 1619/Ossg - CPDL - Awo Tax Office, 1625/Ossg - PAYE - Awo Tax Office, 1969/Ossg - Stamp Duties Awo Tax Office, 2021/G-Ossg WHT on Bank Interest - Awo Tax Office, 5598/Ossg WHT on Commission (Awo Tax Office), 5670/Ossg Virtual Betting (AWO TAX OFFICE), 5783/Ossg Direct Assessment - Informal Sector (AWO SOUTH TAX OFFICE), 5828/Ossg Lottery Tax (AWO TAX OFFICE), 5829/Ossg POOL TAX (AWO TAX OFFICE), 5910/Ossg Land Use Charge (LUC) - Awo Tax Office, 6003/Ossg WHT on Contract (Awo Tax Office), 6097/Ossg Tax Audit/Back Duty (Awo Tax Office), 6146/Ossg HORC Tax - Awo Tax Office, 6152/Ossg WHT on Consultancy & Professional Services (Awo Tax Office), 926/Ossg - WHT on Rent (Awo Tax Office)
6177/Ossg Reg. of Vocational Centres (BTVE), 6329/Ossg Renewal of Vocational Centres (BTVE), 6330/Ossg Contractor Reg. Fee (BTVE), 6331/Ossg Tender Fee (BTVE), 6333/Ossg School Tuition (BTVE), 6334/Ossg Application Form (BTVE), 6335/Ossg Consultancy Services (BTVE), 6336/Ossg Rent on Govt. Quater (BTVE)
1676/Ossg - Direct Assessment - Bode Osi Tax Office, 1691/Ossg - CPDL - Bode Osi Tax Office, 1692/Ossg - PAYE - Bode Osi Tax Office, 1994/Ossg - Stamp Duties Bode Osi Tax Office, 2046/G-Ossg WHT on Bank Interest - Bode Osi Tax Office, 5695/Ossg Virtual Betting (BODE OSI TAX OFFICE), 5761/Ossg WHT on Commission (BODE OSI TAX OFFICE), 5807/Ossg Direct Assessment - Informal Sector (BODE OSI TAX OFFICE), 5935/Ossg Land Use Charge (LUC) - Bode Osi Tax Office, 6131/Ossg Tax Audit/Back Duty (Bode Osi Tax Office)
6457/Ossg School Tuition (Broadcasting Corporation), 6458/Ossg Business/Trade Operating Fee (Broadcasting Corporation), 6459/Ossg Earnings - Commercial Activities (Broadcasting Corporation)